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Celebrating Andrie/Kraemer Winter Birthdays
March 27, 2004

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Getting Ready

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Ah, chocolate!

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Anna's watching

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Hey there.

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No, it's just fruit juice.

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Can we start yet?

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See, I'm a present too.

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Let's do it!

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See what I got?

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Great, books!

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Now for the fun stuff.

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See my Coleman lamp?

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Anyone for basketball?

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When something HAPPENS, I'll take a picture.

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Who's next?

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It was MY turn!

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Watch my new ninja moves!

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It's all in the attitude!

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Grandma's watching over it all.

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An angel for an angel.

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Perfect for my truck.

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Opening cards can be funny

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(54 kb)
The perfect card

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Finally, time for cake!

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(93 kb)
Except who gets to blow out the candles?

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You're missing out.

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(53 kb)
Oh, it was wrestling time.

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Blast, missed my bid again!

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Well, Trish has at least one trick

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Who's trick is this?

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